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Dr. Brooke


I am a Chinese Medicine Doctor, Acupuncturist. Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, and integrative health coach based out of Kauai, Hawaii USA

In my classes, I create a space where we can collectively heal, laugh, express and transform ourselves as we rekindle delight in our body and mind!

I'm a dog-mom to an adorable golden retriever, Aruba, a Board Certified Chinese Medicine Doctor and the founder of The Vitality Success Blueprint™. 

Here on Kauai and virtually, I work with those who want ‘Their Best Life Now.’ I teach vitality seeking women who, after taking care of everyone else, now choose to focus on taking charge of their own life. I help them to discover how to get in better shape for their Golden Years, so they can travel to Paris like they’ve always wanted to, continue being active to keep up with their grandkids and finally tick off some of those items on their bucket list. 

Bless you and thank you for sharing your beautiful willing presence!

~ Dr. Brooke